Yogic Lifestyle Counseling

Yogic Lifestyle Coaching

Personal coaching offering tools for personal development, creative problem solving, self-empowerment and a more harmonious life

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue

The Voice Dialogue method introduces you to your inner family, the voices or sub-personalities that live within you.

Living in Harmony

Meditation and Yoga Retreats

Meditation and Yoga Retreats in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Kio-o (formerly l’Ermitage), in the heart of the Laurentian forest.

Divya Yoga DVD & Music CD

Daryl’s 4 Divya Yoga DVD box set & music CD: Vision of Oneness


Daryl Vansier Yogic Lifestyle CoachingHeaven and Earth Institute was founded in 1992 by Daryl Vansier in Montreal, Québec. After operating for 17 rewarding years as a holistic education centre, bringing together teachers, therapists, and counselors in various disciplines and fields, with the common goal of Self knowledge and evolving a lifestyle that reflects and reinforces this knowledge, for ourselves, our children, and our brothers and sisters in the world around us, we closed our doors in 2009, however…

The spirit lives on!

The name Heaven and Earth was chosen to represent the interdependence of body, mind, and spirit. The integration of various disciplines allowed us to develop a truly holistic approach to living a wholesome and harmonious life and fulfilling ones potential as a human being.

Though there is no longer a centre offering yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings, meditation courses, and massage or bodywork sessions, Daryl Vansier continues to share the spirit of Heaven and Earth in the form of individual Yogic Lifestyle Counseling, Voice Dialogue and Dreamwork sessions. Additionally, Daryl Vansier offers yearly Meditation and Yoga Retreats .